Each shoe is totally created, designed and made in Italy. Manufacturing takes place only in Lombardy, in cities of excellence like Vigevano and Parabiago. In order to guarantee the highest quality of our products, each shoe element, from leather to heels, from soles to all metallic accessories, up to packaging, are designed and made in Italy. The precious leather products and all the materials employed, are the result of a very accurate selection. The black soles of our shoes are made of leather dyed in barrels. This special processing guarantees long-lasting shoes and prevents the black colour from disappearing while using the footwear. The models show a metallic logo on the sole, made in brass and coated with palladium: a rare metal used by jewellers that makes it noncorrodible.


Our shoes are the result of a careful manual handicraft work, therefore each shoe has its own distinct characteristics that make it unique. Any imperfections, folds or colour and/or leather patchiness are to be seen as special qualities of the product that add value to the shoe.